The Eric Cropp Story: Courage Under Fire

Eric Cropp went to jail;
he is a convicted felon

What was Eric Cropp's crime? ... he was human.

An error occurred that had tragic consequences to an innocent toddler and her family. It wasn't that Eric even made the error; he failed to catch the error someone else made. When you hear his story, it is not hard to see how this error could have been made by anyone, especially under the circumstances of the day. He was under lots of pressure: overworked, understaffed, and with constant interruptions.

How did Eric pay for his crime?

Eric lost his job, his profession, his livelihood, his freedom, and he lives with the memory of a young girl whose life was cut short.

What has Eric chosen to do?

He could be bitter, sullen, depressed. All of which would be clearly understandable reactions to these events. Instead, Eric has chosen to speak to those of us who are still practicing. Those of us who, by placing a simple initial on a label, could easily do the same thing.

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