RxTOOLKIT provides diverse applications that support clinical excellence in all aspects of pharmacy practice, are cost effective, and easy to implement.

We partner with our clients to develop custom solutions that go to work for your organization.


Seamlessly connecting pharmacy to essential team members through RxTOOLKIT lowers the potential for human error increasing safety for both your patients and your staff.

Increasing the accuracy of medication management and avoiding harmful errors can actually lower the cost of healthcare at your institution.


RxTOOLKIT provides information solutions for high-pressure critical patient care situations improving pharmacy workflow and communication between key staff members.

We connect essential team members to vital information and to one another in a secure environment. Our applications are searchable and easy to navigate.


Streamlining and automating procedures will increase your staff's efficiency and confidence and decrease the potential for error.

RxTOOLKIT's custom applications provide accessible, intuitive, and easy to use interfaces.

RxTOOLKIT won the ISMP Cheers Award RxCOMPETENCY RxTOOLKIT Label Library with Label Search medsafetyonline.org


Including sterile product compounding with barcode verification and custom dose preparation kits

We provide cost effective and easy to implement solutions, including barcode verification, for hospital pharmacy compounding applications and anticoagulation drug management.

Sometimes a situation demands extra care when there are complex requirements or precise parameters that must be followed. Automation and standardization of procedures can ensure your staff handles things the right way.


Including NICU, Pediatrics, and Chemotherapy

Automated solutions utilizing barcode and database technologies increase both patient and provider safety for especially vulnerable patient populations.

Your most vulnerable patient populations are more at risk for medication errors. Steps must be taken to ensure safe medication delivery within this population. RxTOOLKIT provides automation and weight based calculations to make sure your most susceptible patients are always protected. Your staff can operate with confidence knowing they have a built in safety net. Automating your most complex procedures increases efficiency and ensures accuracy.


Including bedside barcode verification and bulk labeling, repackaging, and inventory solutions

One of our specialized areas of expertise is the custom design, development, and management of labels for pharmacy and clinical applications.

RxTOOLKIT's Pharmacy Labeling Solutions are cost effective and easy to implement. RxPACK—our bulk labeling, repackaging, and inventory solution—makes repackaging products for distribution a breeze. It streamlines the entire repackaging process and eliminates the need for logbooks, binders, and file folders. We are your complete source for everything you need to get started: label templates, printers, and label stock.

Our extensive Label Solutions Library with built in Label Search™ is currently available to all subscription levels of RxTOOLKIT. Our label designs have a consistent and professional look and follow all of the ISMP guidelines for safe drug product labeling. We can also customize or create any label you need. There are no hidden or per label costs.


Manage your most important information and optimize communication between essential staff members

Our goal is to put critical information quickly and efficiently into the hands of team members who need it most.

RxTOOLKIT has developed many diverse and specialized solutions designed to make your job easier. We facilitate the cataloging and sharing of information with maximum efficiency in a secure and searchable environment—putting information (including your own custom Label Solutions Library with Label Search™) at your fingertips. We help you to organize and improve employee scheduling—even for complex groups covering multiple shifts. We make it easy to train and test your staff ensuring they are up to date with the critical information they need most.

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