RxTOOLKIT® provides affordable applications that increase safety and efficiency. Every application is built on a strong foundation combining technology, process, and competency. Pick and choose just the just apps you need!


Clinically proven, easy to use, cloud-based applications deliver trusted content, create organizational efficiency, and increase safety.


Streamline, automate, and standardize your processes to increase efficiency and employee confidence and decrease the potential for error.


Ensure that your staff meets your standard of excellence, provide on the spot training and reference, and track ongoing staff competency.


Clinician Support

Increase accuracy, efficiency, and medication safety; Support your clinicians with standardized reference and safety information, integrated tools and procedural information.

RxTOOLKIT Clinical Support Solutions increase precision, efficiency, and staff confidence. Intuitive and easy to use applications provide automation and standardization of procedures and reference information.

We provide tools including step-by-step instructions helping to ensure the safety of all medications from preparation to administration. Evidence based methods and weight-based calculations provide precision and consistency.


RxTOOLKIT eLEARNING™ enables you to operationalize best practices — utilizing trusted information, providing practical application, and integrating competency directly into the workplace.

Maintaining staff competency and keeping them up-to-date with the complexities of the job, operational procedures, regulatory agencies, and constant changes to medication information presents a challenge to any manager.

RxTOOLKIT eLEARNING™ provides the resources you need to train your staff, enables you to track and manage their competency requirements, and helps you to make continuing education a part of the everyday practice setting


Expertly manage your most important resources and optimize communication between team members. Our operations solutions maximize efficiency and provide instant access to vital information.

RxTOOLKIT® provides specialized operations solutions designed to make your job easier. We facilitate the cataloging and sharing of information with maximum efficiency in a secure and searchable environment and provide distraction-free communication channels.

Our applications are intuitive, easy to navigate, and include built-in search and report features providing thorough and accurate documentation helping to ensure your compliance with governing bodies and certification standards.

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