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When Chuck DiTrapano RPh, the founder of RxTOOLKIT®, began his career in hospital pharmacy, he learned quickly that if he didn't figure out a way to get it right, the results could be fatal.

Pharmacy has got to get it right. The cost is truly too high to have it any other way.

RxTOOLKIT was launched in 2004 with the goal of putting critical information quickly and efficiently into the hands of those team members who must get it right. Achieving this goal made their jobs not only safer, but also more efficient, and less stressful in the process.

Hospital administrators know that supported and well-equipped employees can lead to increased patient satisfaction. These days, satisfied patients also lead to critical funding under the new rules of the Affordable Care Act (pdf).

Created by pharmacists through direct clinical experience and front line development RxTOOLKIT has grown to include not only Information and Communication Solutions but also, Dosing Solutions for High-Risk Patients or Drugs, Complex Drug Therapy Solutions, and Pharmacy Labeling Solutions to ensure your staff gets it right.

We partner with our clients to develop custom solutions that go to work for your organization.

RxTOOLKIT is a family owned and operated business.


RxTOOLKIT.com is the proud recipient of the Institute for Medication Safety (ISMP) Cheers Award for medication safety.

Labeling for Insulin Pen Safety, Seagull Scientific, BarTender® Label Software Case Study, 2013 (pdf)

A Pharmaceutical Fix, The Reading Eagle, January, 30 2005 (pdf)

of Complex Drug Therapy Solutions:

Complex Drug Therapy Solutions

RxTOOLKIT has developed Dose Preparation Kits to assist in the safe management of drugs with specific requirements for handling, preparation, or administration. Our latest development addresses the safety issues surrounding the handling and administration of Exparel.

Exparel, often used in operating room settings, is fatal if administered by IV. It is considered to be a "look-alike" to Propofal. They have similar labels and inside a syringe they have the same milky white appearance. Many sources also consider Propofal to be a high-risk drug for diversion especially among healthcare practitioners. The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) issued an alert (pdf) in 2012 regarding the safety issues surrounding this drug. In this report, they make specific recommendations regarding the labeling and handling of syringes.

Following the release of the ISMP report, working closely with a multidisciplinary team (anesthesiology, patient safety officer, nursing, and pharmacy) RxTOOLKIT developed a Dose Preparation Kit specifically for the handling and administration of Exparel. A standardized procedure was established and all ISMP recommendations were fulfilled.

The pharmacy packages the drug inside a Dose Preparation Kit with a label. The tamper evident bag includes: vial, a label affixed to the syringe (identifying the drug), and a post-usage label. The Kit is dispensed by Pharmacy to Omnicell.

Once the vial is administered by nursing the post-usage label is applied. The post-usage label includes a prominently displayed warning, "fatal if administered intravenously." Any unused portion of the drug is re-sealed inside the tamper evident bag before disposal.

of Dosing Solutions for High-Risk Patients or Drugs:

Dosing Solutions for High-Risk Patients or Drugs

In early 2000, doctors were mainly using the rule of six to calculate intravenous infusions during NICU and pediatric crisis situations. The rule of six proved to be inconsistent, inefficient, and was prone to error. It also presented unique challenges for weight based dosing. In 2005, The Joint Commission (TJC) for National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG) mandated the elimination of the rule of six method and established standardized titratable infusion concentrations for NICU/PEDS. Following TJC's new recommendations, many hospitals needed an immediate solution, as inspections would be imminent in just a few months time. We worked closely with directors of pharmacy and of nursing to develop a solution—RxTOOLKIT's NICU Emergency Medication Calculator™.

RxTOOLKIT has gone on to develop many specialized tools and custom calculators for both the NICU and Pediatrics including 11 drug specific applications (including Dopamine, Morphine, Insulin, etc.) plus a generic template to include mg/kg/min and mcg/kg/min. We have developed a NICU Emergency Dose Prep Kit, containing drugs that correspond with RxTOOLKIT's NICU Emergency Medication Calculators™. Utilizing RxTOOLKIT's Dose Prep Kits keeps all of the ingredients and information you need in an emergency situation (code blue) directly at hand. We currently offer 7 different kits for the NICU (to be used with patient specific STAT NICU calculator sheets). We have also gone on to develop TPN Electrolyte Verification, NICU Syringe Labeling Applications, and NICU Compounding records.

Our custom tools ensure your organization's compliance with policy requirements, help establish standardized procedures, and increase safety for your most susceptible patient populations.

of Pharmacy Labeling Solutions:

Pharmacy Labeling Solutions

In 2004, to provide a dramatic improvement in patient safety, many hospitals began the process of implementing bedside barcode verification. At this time less than 5% of hospitals nationwide had verification scanning. Within every pharmacy department, it became paramount to ensure that all end product pharmaceuticals had a barcode. The barcode also had to be compatible with the bedside scanners used by nursing.

It was determined that a multitude of pharmaceuticals did not have barcodes on individual doses. Many dispensed medications had barcodes but they were not scannable for bedside verification. It was also determined that a mislabeled compounded product would still scan correctly at the bedside. A huge problem! RxTOOLKIT developed a barcode labeling solution–RxADMIX®–to ensure the accurate application of barcode labels to the end product.

The barcode is the verification step and it must be correct! It was necessary to build an internal capability enabling the pharmacy to add barcode labels to pharmaceuticals. It was crucial to develop procedures and processes that ensure the accurate placement of the barcode labels and provide nursing with a legible, predictable, and scannable barcode. RxADMIX® integrates barcode verification into the compounding process right inside the pharmacy IV room.

RxTOOLKIT has gone on to develop specialized Labeling Solutions for: Insulin pens, syringes and vials featuring our exclusive Clear Connect™ Labels, Stock Solution Labels that provide barcode verification of source ingredients and pre-calculated expiration dates, SmartCalc™ Labels that provide behind the scenes mathematical calculations, SmartCalc™ Stock Labels a combination label that provides behind the scenes mathematical calculations, barcode verification of source ingredients, and pre-calculated expiration dates, and Infusion Taper Labels that convert weight based dosing to infusion rates for easy infusion pump programming.

of Information and Communication Solutions:

Information and Communication Solutions
The foundation of RxTOOLKIT

In 2002, after becoming Pharmacy Supervisor at a 700-bed acute care hospital, Chuck DiTrapano RPh knew that there was a mountain of information he needed in order for him to perform his job successfully in a fast paced environment. He realized that this information had to be readily available and easy to reference. He began to build a paper binder to maintain the most critical information he needed to have close at hand.

Over the span of a year, the book expanded to include both local and global information such as: IV infusion drip lists, guidelines for renal dosing, procedures for stocking Omnicell, insulin comparison charts, and other operational procedures.

Eventually the word got out. Every pharmacist at his organization requested a copy! Chuck decided to catalog all of the information online. By doing so, he could continue to expand the information and also provide real time updates. After securing approval he enlisted the help of a talented programmer named John Neville. RxTOOLKIT was born.

In June of 2004 RxTOOLKIT was officially launched online. The original application was called Daily Dose—a compilation of essential information for pharmacists. Daily Dose is now called the RxTOOLKIT Periodical Index and has grown to contain more than 300 pages of drug information (both global and institution specific) and is available to all subscribers of RxTOOLKIT.

RxTOOLKIT continues to expand today, developing new and innovative solutions in support of safety and clinical excellence.

Personal Experience:

Chuck DiTrapano, RPh

40+ years of pharmacy practice including: Pharmacy Officer in the US Navy, President of Geriatric Pharmacy Services, Sr. Vice President of Vitalink Pharmacy Services, and Vice President of Omnicare, Inc.

His knowledge base is concentrated in these disciplines:

  • Pharmacy Practice
  • Clinical Settings / Regulations
  • Patient Safety
  • Clinical / Pharmacy Labeling Practices
  • Printing Software and Printer Technology

His expertise and proficiency in implementing pharmacy safety technology will help your organization advance to higher levels of control, safety, and efficiency to match the professional demands of the new millennium.

Member of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) 15+ years.

Advisory Board Member, Lincoln Technical Institute, Allentown, PA.

Instructor, Alvernia University, Reading, PA – Pharmacy Technician Training and Certification Program, 6 years.

Contributing writer for ADVANCE for Nurses Magazine to both their print journal and online publications. He has contributed more than 20 articles to date.

He is available for speaking engagements and consulting by appointment.

Email Chuck.