RxTOOLKIT® was launched in 2004 with the goal of putting critical information quickly and efficiently into the hands of team members who must get it right. Achieving this goal made their jobs not only safer, but also more efficient, and less stressful in the process.

Created by pharmacists through direct clinical experience and over 14 years of front-line research and development, RxTOOLKIT® continues to expand today, developing new and innovative solutions in support of safety and clinical excellence.

Our tools provide a superior and safer approach by incorporating standardization of process, technological innovation, and competency training. We price our tools competitively because we want every clinician to have access to the tools that enhance medication safety regardless of the size of their organization. Plus, you can customize your own RxTOOLKIT: Select and implement the tools that best fit your organization’s needs!

RxToolkit for Infusion Center Safety visit: ivsafety.rxtoolkit.com Visit rxtoolkitelearning.com for more information. Join the conversation about medication safety, visit our blog medsafetyonline.org
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