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RxWORKFLOW for IV Safety™


RxWORKFLOW for IV Safety™

User-friendly drug specific monographs provide interactive reference, training, and tools including RxQuickCALC™, RxCALC™, and RxDoseCHECK™

Category: Clinician Support
Built for: Infusion Standardization, Automation, and Reference

RxWORKFLOW for IV Safety™ drug monographs provide the appropriate drug information, tools, and training to support the safe preparation and administration of IV drugs. All information is professionally curated, continuously updated, and easy to find including:

  • Standard Infusion Concentrations
  • Dose Information
  • Use in Specific Populations
  • Warnings and Precautions
  • Drug Preparation Information
  • Drug Administration Information

Every RxWORKFLOW for IV Safety™ monograph includes on-the-spot tools that assist in preparation or administration. These tools are always what you need for that specific drug:


  • Basic infusion rate
  • Body surface area
  • Conversion calculations
  • Creatinine clearance
  • And many more!


  • Complex infusion rate
  • Infusion rate tapering tables
  • Dose preparation instructions
  • Concentration checks


  • Verify dose and infusion rate accuracy

All RxWORKFLOW for IV Safety™ monographs also include drug specific Integrated Competency Checks — quick pop-up quizzes, including instant feedback, to ensure your staff is familiar with both a drug and related dosing parameters.

Integrated Competency Checks may be utilized as an independent skill assessment or included as part of the more robust training provided by our Drug Specific Competency Tracking program.

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Summary of Benefits:

  • Provides a single source of standardized reference, tools, and training
  • Enhances safety, consistency, and standard of care
  • Drug specific preparation and administration tools including RxQuickCALC™, RxCALC™, and RxDoseCHECK™
  • Integrated Competency Checks confirm staff is confident and up-to-date with accurate information

Your RxWORKFLOW for IV Safety™ subscription includes the following ready to use drug monograph collections:

RxWORKFLOW for IV Safety™ Chronic Care Infusions

  • Includes the most frequently used drugs for infusion centers, including pre-meds and those administered by injection for treatment of adult chronic disease.

RxWORKFLOW for IV Safety™ Antibiotic Infusions

  • Includes the most frequently used drugs for infusion centers, including antibiotic injections and IV or IM injections for both adults and pediatrics.

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