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Including sterile product compounding with barcode verification and custom Dose Preparation Kits

We provide cost effective and easy to implement solutions, including barcode verification, for hospital pharmacy compounding applications and anticoagulation drug management.

Sometimes a situation demands extra care when there are complex requirements or precise parameters that must be followed. Automation and standardization of procedures can ensure your staff handles things the right way.

Our Complex Drug Therapy Solutions:

  • Improve the safety of medication administration
  • Keep your most vulnerable patient populations safe
  • Meet specific institutional requirements and ISMP recommendations
  • Manage high-risk drugs or drugs with short stability
  • Manage medication administration involving complex conditions
  • Standardize and streamline dose preparation procedures


Our sterile and non-sterile compounding barcode verification application is designed to improve the safety, accuracy, efficiency, and documentation when compounding pharmaceuticals. Requiring barcode scanning during compounding imports critical information and provides assurance of correct ingredient selection. RxADMIX® provides automated preparation calculations, step-by-step instructions, and label printing aligned with ISMP standards. We offer a library of 300+ standard infusion concentrations and enable customized Compound Preparation Worksheets featuring built in ingredient barcodes.

Essential Product Features:

  • Portable medication selection verification scanning
  • Complete QA documentation of all compounding activity
  • Documentation is searchable by preparation date, expiration date, lot number, ingredient, or NDC number
  • Easy to navigate and centralized location for all compounding material
  • Colored labels, bag, and syringe designs meet all ISMP safety guidelines
  • Build your own RxADMIX® from simple to complex (including chemo, NICU, etc)
  • No hidden or per label costs (competitors charge 25¢ per label)
  • Can be used with any model or type of hand-held scanner
  • New versions for use with tablet and hands-free Google Glass are currently in development

RxADMIX® includes key safety features that make compound preparation and labeling simple and safe:

  • Customized Compound Preparation Worksheets contain preparation instructions and barcodes to represent each ingredient
  • Scanning each ingredient barcode against the worksheet provides a double-check
  • The formula template is compliant with state laws requiring template identification for each change in formula
  • Each barcode contains specific information about the preparation: the template number, the compound lot number, and the expiration date.
  • Easy to find and print the compound stock solution label

The compound stock solution label is loaded with critical information and has built in safety features:

  • Most current patient information
  • The NDC number assigned to the compounded product
  • Preparation date and expiration date of the compounded product
  • Compound lot number
  • Dose as well as calculated dose volume
  • Expiration date of original stock solution


The use of Dose Preparation Kits provides a safe method of dispensing complex drug therapies, including drugs with short stability that require admixture by nursing. Dose Preparation Kits are an effective way of ensuring accurate dose preparation, verifying inventory availability, and improving clinical staff safety and efficiency.

We have currently developed over a dozen different Dose Preparation Kits for diverse and specific situations—for physician's use, when ingredient needs are unique, for nursing when bed-side dose preparation is necessary, to manage high-alert drugs, and for use in emergency (code blue) situations. We can design a custom kit to meet the demands of any situation or set of parameters. All Dose Preparation Kits contain: preparation/administration instructions, necessary ingredients or diluents, storage/disposal information, and appropriate labels.

The use of kits provides the following advantages:

  • Consolidation of necessary ingredients to be utilized in an emergent situation
  • Standardized and streamlined dose preparation procedures
  • Provides administration/preparation/storage/disposal information for nursing staff
  • Inventory control support to ensure availability of ingredients
  • Integration with Omnicell providing inventory management under a single menu

Available Dose Preparation Kits: STAT Med Kit, Intubation Kit, Trauma Kit, Adenosine Kit for Interventional Radiology, Phenytoin Injection Kit, Penicillin Skin Test Kit, DHE Kit (Dihydroergotamine/DHE-45), Heparin Kit for CRRT, Brain Attack Kit with alteplase, NICU Emergency Dose Prep Kit, Exparel Dose Kit, Pharmacy Response Kit

RxCOAG™: Safe Management of Anti-Coagulant Drugs

In 2008, the Joint Commission (TJC) for National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG) established guidelines for the safe management and infusion of anticoagulant drugs. Their recommendations included the implementation of weight based dosing of Heparin across patients with diverse weight ranges.

RxCOAG™ provides weight based dosing tools and infusion calculators for accurate anticoagulant management. They each include dose recommendations based on either a targeted International Normalized Ratio (INR) or appropriate laboratory value, patient specific titration sheets, and labels for use by nursing to program the VTBI (volume to be infused) for safe medication delivery using a smart pump.

RxCOAG™ is now available for:

  • Weight Based Heparin calculation including: Standard Heparin, Cardiac Vascular Heparin, Aquapheresis Heparin, and Heparin (Impella device)
  • In-patient and out-patient Warfarin calculation
  • Dosing calculators and clinical decision tools for drugs used in Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT)
  • Clinical decision tools for use of Protamine for anticoagulation reversal

Essential Patient Safety Features:

  • Patient information includes measurement conversions (height/weight)
  • Recommended INR protocol and limits set by your organization
  • Patient titration sheets include scannable barcodes enabling nursing to easily include dosing information in the patient's permanent record
  • Administration VTBI labels ensure safe medication delivery using a smart pump
  • Built in report feature providing anti-coagulation dosing patient history report that is automatically generated and easily searchable
  • Scannable barcode with all results, including taper chart, that can be scanned into Pharmacy Information System


A versatile barcode verification application used to associate any two key data points. For example, you can easily create a barcode on an automated dispensing cabinet drawer and then associate it with the correct drug entry for that drawer. RxVALIDATE™ can be used for stock replenishment, dispensing, sterile or non-sterile compounding, or code box replenishment. Anytime you need to make sure you have the right drug! RxVALIDATE™ includes full color images of drug packages to reinforce visual confirmation.

RxVALIDATE™ can also easily be included as part of a custom RxWORKFLOW™. The RxWORKFLOW™ can even be structured in a way that forces your staff to perform barcode verification of ingredients. Unless they perform the required verification, the next step in the process will remain "locked" and they will be unable to proceed. To learn more about our fully integrated and revolutionary new approach to pharmacy operations check out RxWORKFLOW™.

Essential Patient Safety Features:

  • Provides confirmation of correct ingredient selection
  • User is required to confirm expiration date or other custom parameters
  • Incorporates full color drug images to reinforce visual authentication of the correct drug/process
  • Provides a digital record of compounding
  • Automatic generation of email to management (if required)

of Complex Drug Therapy Solutions:

RxTOOLKIT® has developed Dose Preparation Kits to assist in the safe management of drugs with specific requirements for handling, preparation, or administration. Our latest development addresses the safety issues surrounding the handling and administration of Exparel.

Exparel, often used in operating room settings, is fatal if administered by IV. It is considered to be a "look-alike" to Propofal. They have similar labels and inside a syringe they have the same milky white appearance. Many sources also consider Propofal to be a high-risk drug for diversion especially among healthcare practitioners. The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) issued an alert (pdf) in 2012 regarding the safety issues surrounding this drug. In this report, they make specific recommendations regarding the labeling and handling of syringes.

Following the release of the ISMP report, working closely with a multidisciplinary team (anesthesiology, patient safety officer, nursing, and pharmacy) RxTOOLKIT developed a Dose Preparation Kit specifically for the handling and administration of Exparel. A standardized procedure was established and all ISMP recommendations were fulfilled...Read the whole story.

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