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Manage your most important information and optimize communication between essential staff members

Our goal is to put critical information quickly and efficiently into the hands of team members who need it most.

RxTOOLKIT® has developed many diverse and specialized solutions designed to make your job easier. We facilitate the cataloging and sharing of information with maximum efficiency in a secure and searchable environment—putting information (including your own custom Label Solutions Library™ with Label Search™) at your fingertips. We help you to organize and improve employee scheduling—even for complex groups covering multiple shifts. We make it easy to train and test your staff ensuring they are up to date with the critical information they need most.


Secure internal communications in a HIPAA compliant environment. Hospital pharmacists need an efficient way to share and store information in a secure environment that can easily be accessed by key personnel. RxCONNECT™ is a secure internal information-sharing tool—connecting users to information and to one another in a HIPAA compliant environment.

Key Features:

  • Easy navigation and accessibility of critical information
  • Users can ask questions, seek clarification, or add information
  • Logged in users have access from work, home, tablet, or phone
  • Search allows user to find information quickly and efficiently
  • HIPAA compliant and secure environment
  • Can be used for a variety of communication needs (i.e. drug shortages, real time patient updates, refrigerator monitoring, etc.)
  • You have complete control over the information


Staff training, education, and testing application. Post training documents and educational materials in almost any format (word doc, pdf, ppt). Users review the chosen materials and a test is administered to ensure comprehension. Manager level users create custom parameters and set passing scores for each exam. Questions can also have specific restrictions including: time limits, number of opportunities to answer, true or false, multiple choice, comments dependent on answer, etc. Assessment options include scoring notification via email, posted summary of test results, and certificate printing for passing scores. Time analytics are also available. Ensure that your staff meets your high standards of excellence and is up to date with your current policies and procedures.


A searchable document management system to upload and catalog your essential policies and procedures. RxDOCUMENT™ puts critical information at hand in a secure and searchable application.

Essential Product Features:

  • Easy to use, access, and update information
  • Managers post, update, and schedule publishing
  • Logged in users have access from work, home, tablet, or phone
  • Documents are categorized providing easy access to information
  • Secure online environment (HIPPA compliant)
  • Built in search feature ensures immediate answers

RxEXCHANGE™: Borrow / Loan / Inventory Tracking Application

Even with the best inventory management systems, acute shortages can arise and finding quick access to a drug is paramount. Your short-term solution is to borrow from another pharmacy and vice versa. The problem is, tracking inventory that does not go through the usual channel of purchase and dispensing can present a unique challenge. How do you keep track of what has been loaned and received in order to verify inventory and keep accurate records?

With RxEXCHANGE™ it's easy to borrow, loan, collect, or repay an item. RxEXCHANGE™ tracks all borrow and loan transactions between your hospital and other approved organizations and keeps precise inventory records.

Essential Product Features:

  • All borrow and loan transactions are contained in a centralized and easy to navigate menu
  • The menu displays only active transactions; once fulfilled they are not displayed
  • A secure and permanent record of all transactions is logged in our database
  • The built-in report feature provides complete quality assurance (QA) documentation and makes it easy to search and reference transaction records
  • Managers maintain a readily accessible list of common organizations for borrow/loan transactions. It's also easy to add new organizations at the time of transaction
  • Can be used for both internal transactions (within your organization) and external transactions


A time saving and secure personal notepad and reminder calendar. Once a user is logged in to RxTOOLKIT, RxNOTEPAD™ is visible on their dashboard. Notes are completely customized by the user and only visible to them after logging in. Notes can be scheduled for future dates and are easily organized and retrieved through the built in search feature. Manager level users also have the option to broadcast notes to all users or chosen users in specific custom groups (pharmacists, technicians, etc.). RxNOTEPAD™ is available to all subscription levels of RxTOOLKIT.


A pharmacist and technician's scheduling tool. Provides manager level users an easy way to manage schedules for pharmacists, technicians, management, and ancillary staff. Groups, flexible time parameters, custom notes, and selective publishing allow the user to easily organize and maintain multiple employees and shifts. An optional feature allows RxSCHEDULE™ to facilitate employee time off requests.

RxTOOLKIT Periodical Index:

(Formerly known as Daily Dose) A compilation of essential information for pharmacists. Volumes are organized by year and include a built-in search feature. The RxTOOLKIT Periodical Index contains more than 300 pages of drug information (global and institution specific) and is currently available to all subscription levels of RxTOOLKIT. Information can be customized for your organization to provide: important links, reference images, drug information, resources, dosing calculators, labels, IV infusion drip lists, dosing guidelines, comparison charts, and operational procedures.

Background / Development
of Information and Communication Solutions

The foundation of RxTOOLKIT

In 2002, after becoming Pharmacy Supervisor at a 700-bed acute care hospital, Chuck DiTrapano RPh knew that there was a mountain of information he needed in order for him to perform his job successfully in a fast paced environment. He realized that this information had to be readily available and easy to reference. He began to build a paper binder to maintain the most critical information he needed to have close at hand.

Over the span of a year, the book expanded to include both local and global information such as: IV infusion drip lists, guidelines for renal dosing, procedures for stocking Omnicell, insulin comparison charts, and other operational procedures.

Eventually the word got out. Every pharmacist at his organization requested a copy! Chuck decided to catalog all of the information online. By doing so, he could continue to expand the information and also provide real time updates...Read the whole story.

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