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Including bedside barcode verification and bulk labeling, repackaging, and inventory solutions

One of RxTOOLKIT's specialized areas of expertise is the custom design, development, and management of labels for pharmacy and clinical applications. We are your complete source for everything you need to get started: scanners, label templates, printers, and label stock. Our Pharmacy Labeling Solutions are cost effective and easy to implement.

RxPACK™—our bulk labeling, repackaging, and inventory solution—makes repackaging products for distribution a breeze. It streamlines the entire repackaging process and eliminates the need for logbooks, binders, and file folders.

Our extensive Label Solutions Library™ with built in Label Search™ includes more than 150 professional designs that follow ALL of the ISMP guidelines for safe drug product labeling. Our label designs have a consistent and professional look and we can customize or create any label you need. There are no hidden or per label costs.

RxTOOLKIT's Label Solutions Library™ with Label Search™ includes the following categories:

  • SYRINGE LABELS using our exclusive Clear Connect™ labels for use with Insulin vials or syringes
  • STOCK SOLUTION LABELS that provide barcode verification of source ingredients and pre-calculated expiration dates
  • SMARTCALC™ LABELS that provide behind the scenes mathematical calculations
  • SMARTCALC™ STOCK LABELS a combination label that provides behind the scenes mathematical calculations, barcode verification of source ingredients, and pre-calculated expiration dates
  • INFUSION TAPER LABELS that convert weight based dosing to infusion rates for easy infusion pump programming
  • DOSE PREPARATION KITS that include preparation instructions, necessary ingredients or diluents, and appropriate labels

Visit RxTOOLKITLabels.com if you would like to learn more about the latest in pharmacy labeling technology, to view and purchase the latest template designs, to design your own custom label using the RxLabelEditor, or for easy supply re-orders.


Bulk labeling/Repackaging/Inventory System

Maximizes efficiency and inventory control and eliminates the need for logbooks when repackaging products. Easily label, verify, and search both repackaged products and source ingredients.

Whenever a product or compounded product is packaged for distribution, best practice (and some state laws) requires that a new lot number must be assigned to that product. All of the information for each source ingredient used must be cataloged including: lot number, expiration date, and NDC number. Typically this information is stored in large binders, making it difficult to store and reference.

RxPACK™ enables the packaging pharmacist to easily scan the source product to enter the NDC information and print the requested number of labels. Required information is securely cataloged in our database and stored inside a small barcode on the repackaging label—keeping the label clean and uncluttered.

When it's time for the checking pharmacist to verify the product, they simply scan the barcode on the new label to view all of the source ingredients or product information and approve with the click of a button.

With RxPACK™, all information is transferred via barcode scan, eliminating the need for keystroke data entry and the potential for keystroke error.

The built-in report feature includes automatic inventory of how many products have been labeled, confirms the batch, which pharmacist approved it, and the date. The built-in search feature allows users to reference any specific data element: the NDC number, lot number, drug name, or date of packaging.

Streamline your entire repackaging process and eliminate your binders, books, and file folders; RXPACK™ is the best way to manage quality control.


Find and print the label you need quickly and efficiently. Labels are stored in a secure environment and can be accessed by any logged in user. We offer more than 150 professional designs that follow ALL of the ISMP guidelines for safe drug product labeling. Built-in Label Search™ includes label images allowing users to quickly find, identify, and print the necessary label. Your organization has complete control over label design, search terms, and user access. Manager level users have the ability to edit and publish labels.

RxTOOLKIT's Labeling Solutions are designed to work with your printer of choice:

  • Epson SecurColor Printer for color labeling
  • Zebra GX and GT series printers
  • Zebra S series printers
  • Dymo label printers


Insulin Pens and vials present a unique challenge for hospital dispensing—they must be labeled within the proper guidelines and steps must be taken to avoid cross administration. It can also be difficult to label a syringe or vial without obstructing critical information on the manufacturers' label. Combining our label template's built in patient identification features with our exclusive Clear Connect™ Label increases safety and significantly reduces the potential for cross administration. We currently offer 8 different Insulin labels for use with our Clear Connect™ Label.

Clear Connect™ Label — Insulin Labels with Patient ID: Resolves the issue of correctly labeling a syringe or vial without obstructing the manufacturers label and includes several built in safety features:

  • Works with any insulin vial or multiple-dose syringe or vial
  • Quick and easily finds the label you need with Label Search™—just enter the drug name or scan the product barcode
  • Our standard label includes: patient/provider information, expiration date, storage information, and QR code (allowing any user or patient with cell phone to view the most current package insert for that product).
  • Optional QR Code representing the patient name and/or MRN can be added to ensure positive ID of pen ownership


Certain situations require solutions to be diluted in order to meet patient specific parameters for use in PEDS/NICU, respiratory therapy, or optometry. RxTOOLKIT's Stock Solution Labels include a scannable barcode producing a patient specific label that automatically imports lot numbers and expiration dates for a compounded stock solution. We currently offer 20 different Stock Solution Labels.


Our exclusive SmartCalc™ Labels perform behind the scenes mathematical calculations to help your staff become more efficient and avoid costly errors. The labels contain built in titration schedules that save nursing from dictation and hand calculations while providing them more time at the patient's bedside. They also assist nursing in verifying the settings of an infusion pump. We currently offer 20 different SmartCalc™ Labels. We can easily customize a SmartCalc™ Label for your specific needs or parameters.


This combination label provides behind the scenes mathematical calculations, barcode verification of source ingredients, and pre-calculated expiration dates. Our SmartCalc™ Stock Label can perform any mathematical calculation you need and barcode verification can act as a double-check for nursing. This label also has the ability to compute a series of calculations (such as in a taper chart) to minimize the potential for math errors.


Certain drugs require titration due to short duration of action or administration associated side affects. RxTOOLKIT's Infusion Taper Labels automatically calculate each weight base taper point for dose administration. They are used to provide bedside nurse with calculations necessary to determine dose taper. These labels convert a weight-based dose into ml/hour or VTBI (volume to be infused) depending on the drug. We currently offer 8 different Infusion Taper Labels.


The use of Dose Preparation Kits provides a safe method of dispensing complex drug therapies, including drugs with short stability that require admixture by nursing. Dose Preparation Kits are an effective way of ensuring accurate dose preparation, verifying inventory availability, and improving clinical staff safety and efficiency. RxTOOLKIT has a vast library of Dose Preparation Kits available and can customize one for your institution. Click here to learn more.

Background / Development
of Pharmacy Labeling Solutions:

In 2004, to provide a dramatic improvement in patient safety, many hospitals began the process of implementing bedside barcode verification. At this time less than 5% of hospitals nationwide had verification scanning. Within every pharmacy department, it became paramount to ensure that all end product pharmaceuticals had a barcode. The barcode also had to be compatible with the bedside scanners used by nursing.

It was determined that a multitude of pharmaceuticals did not have barcodes on individual doses. Many dispensed medications had barcodes but they were not scannable for bedside verification. It was also determined that a mislabeled compounded product would still scan correctly at the bedside. A huge problem!

RxTOOLKIT developed a barcode labeling solution–RxADMIX®–to ensure the accurate application of barcode labels to the end product...Read the whole story.

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