Intake Optimization™

Streamline and improve your scheduling efficiency to enhance communication and patient flow

Category: Operations
Built for: Scheduling Optimization

Intake Optimization streamlines the patient scheduling process, improves efficiency, and reduces the likelihood of delays by enabling schedulers to block the appropriate amount of time for each appointment.

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Information is easy to access and completely customized for your specific parameters including:

  • Required time and frequency:
    • Both per appointment and time frame for reoccurring appointment(s)
    • Scheduling time includes: preparation, administration, and monitoring
  • Specifies prerequisites to therapy
  • Provides patient instructions/information
  • Provides information about laboratory results necessary to begin and/or continue therapy
  • Includes additional resources and links for the patient and/or clinical staff
  • Customize any additional information you may require!

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Real-time distraction free communications in a HIPAA compliant message board

Category: Operations
Built for: Distraction Free Communication

RxCONNECT™ is a secure message board for both internal and external communications—connecting users to information and to one another in a HIPAA compliant environment.

RxCONNECT™ helps eliminate distractions, avoids busy phone lines, and provides a permanent record of communications.

RxCONNECT™ can be used for a variety of communication needs within your location: document drug shortages, log real-time patient updates, and promote interdepartmental communication.

RxCONNECT™ can be used for a variety of communication needs outside of your location: join satellite pharmacy locations, physician’s offices, hospital locations, or multiple infusion center locations.

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Summary of Benefits:

  • Includes Smart Text phrases for one-click post/reply
  • Categories and groups provide targeted messaging control
  • Messages are color-coded depending on time received
  • Search feature locates information quickly and efficiently
  • For communication between internal or external locations
  • Email messages alert users to incoming posts (optional)

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A searchable and secure document management system

Category: Operations
Built for: Ensuring Access to Information

RxDOCUMENT™ is a searchable and secure document management system to upload and catalog your policies, procedures, and other essential documents.

RxDOCUMENT™ is easy to navigate, puts critical information at hand, and ensures your staff gets accurate up-to-date information.

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Summary of Benefits:

  • Easy to use, access, and update information
  • Managers post, update, and schedule publishing
  • Documents are categorized providing easy access
  • Easily find documents with custom search terms
  • Powerful search feature ensures immediate answers

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A complimentary secure personal notepad and reminder calendar

Category: Operations
Built for: Personal Reminders and Secure Notes

RxNOTEPAD™ is found front and center on every logged in user’s RxTOOLKIT® dashboard and is provided at no charge! Notes are private and can be completely customized by the user.

Manager level users have the option to broadcast notes site wide or to custom groups (pharmacists, technicians, nursing, etc.).

RxNOTEPAD™ provides private, quick, and searchable access to vital information in a completely secure environment.

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Notes can be scheduled for a future date to act as secure personal reminder. When the scheduled note becomes active users receive notification.

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